The Benefits our Solutions deliver!

The goals of our Farming solutions are:

  1. Help you create relationships with target area residents
  2. Create high visibility for you
  3. Create dialogues with your target farming area
  4. Help you become the dominant agent in your area

Our solutions will enable you to offer a high value free service to residents of your target local communities.

Three Key benefits for the sponsor

A Community Site built for residents delivers three significant benefits to you as the sponsor:

  1. It is a marketing tool for you to use. This is the way you introduce yourself and build new relationships. It is a demonstration of your personal commitment to the local community. This high value free service for Residents is your calling card!
  2. As Residents use the site, they will see you positioned as the sponsor of this free service to the community. Your name and picture appear subtly throughout the site. We place strategic links that will take people to your Real Estate Website where you can promote your real estate sales business.
  3. You are investing in something of value. Over time the value to you will grow and eventually this community site will be a highly valuable asset owned by you. A very different proposition from flyers and postcards!

Achieve your Farming goals with lower costs and reduced effort

A low maintenance community site is the ideal solution for many agents who want to Farm specific neighborhoods.

  • Create new types of relationships with residents as you will have a great reason to talk to them - not real estate!
  • Be seen as someone who is dedicated to the community and brings value to the community
  • Have (own and control) an exclusive channel of communications with your target communities
  • Achieve higher visibility and reputation in the community
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