Tailor-made Solutions for Farmers!

We custom build distinctive Website solutions that provide high value to residents in your target communities, and only require low maintenance by you.

The focus is on providing tools and functions for use by residents. This is significantly different from other so called 'community' sites that often only provide information 'about' the community.

It is this difference that enables our solutions to offer such high value to the residents and help you build new relationships and credibility.

Neighbors101 Neighborhood web sites deliver valuable resources

A rich set of high value and interactive resources are provided by the component applications of which make up our NonStopNeighbors neighborhood web sites.

A customizable collection of applications allow residents to:

  • connect to each other
  • communicate with each other
  • share neighborly information
  • capture shared memories
  • organize neighborly events
  • make neighborly recommendations
  • and much more

Low or No work required by Sponsoring Agent!

The community site is designed to be a resource for Residents. The sponsoring Agent has an opportunity to use the news and other similar site areas for information, newsletters and competitions or similar if desired. However, the Sponsors primary role is as a facilitator, not as a contributor or administrator, so in most cases as residents use the resource more and more, the Agent takes credit for the site, but has little day to day involvement.

Find out about the benefits!

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