The Challenge for Realtors who Farm Neighborhoods

Neighborhood and community web site marketing solutions will help you to build relationships faster and farm your neighborhoods more easily...

Saturday morning. Walking the neighborhood.

You are strolling through 'your' local neighborhood - the one you have farmed for at least 5 years. It's a fine morning, but the experience is terrible!

Number 201 is up for sale - but with a different listing agent. How did this happen? Number 37 has decided to do a For Sale By Owner. How could this be?

Two homes closed last week and the owners are moving in. Wouldn't it be great if you had some really great information for them (not Real Estate..!) that would help you start a relationship now?

Sound familiar? But haven't you been farming this area for several years?

So, what's gone wrong?

Listing agents that aim to farm a geographic area know that the secret to long-term farming success is:

  • Building relationships with many homeowners
  • Maintaining a continual presence and blocking the competition
  • Developing high visibility and the right image in the neighborhood.

What goes wrong is either simply not achieving these goals, or not doing it affordably and efficiently!

Find out how to solve this problem!