How to increase traffic to your web site

Increasing site traffic requires a number of complimentary activities. Each will have an impact, but the compound effect is when most dramatic improvements can be made.

Tuning your web site

A review of your web site design and structure can often identify opportunities for quick fixes. This can include the organization of menu items and the content of your home page.

Having the right keywords is essential. Your Title and other tags need to incorporate these keywords. Keywords must be used on your home page. We review all these areas and help you improve keyword density.

Search Engines

Clearly, getting your site to appear high up in search engine results is vital. The start of this process is to submit your site to the right search engines. We do this so that your listing appears correctly and provides a good foundation for subsequent promotion activities.

Generating Traffic

In a competitive market, if you just rely on search engine results to bring people to your site, you may be waiting a long time. Significant volumes of traffic come from being on the first few pages. So, how do you break into this exclusive group?

The secret is to use 'Pay Per Click' advertising. This is an advertising service that you only pay for on results - very different to traditional advertising.

The strategy is to bid for keywords, so that if these typed into a search engine, then you advert appears as a 'sponsored link'. This approach has the most dramatic effect on traffic numbers.

We have solutions that automate the process of bidding to keep your bids exactly where you want them.

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