Keep Visitors Coming Back!

A person who visits your site today might not be buying for 5 or more months. Maintaining some form of dialogue with them could be a critical factor helping you to win their business. But how do you do this with a Web site, automatically and without your time being taken up?

Build and Maintain Relationships Automatically

My Buying Buddy™ has been designed to meet all the needs of your buyers. By having their very own Buying Buddy, there is no reason at all why any buyer should ever feel the urge or need to go to any other real estate web site. With all the information they need stored with my Buying Buddy, there is EVERY reason to keep returning to your web site.

My Buying Buddy's automation capabilities mean that with no effort at all from you, your buyers are provided with exceptional service and kept constantly informed about a changing real estate market.

Our Lead Automation Architecture™ ensures that any details captured for any visitors to your Web site results in some form of automated follow up.

If a site visitor identifies themselves as buying in the future, they are automatically added to the Relationship Builder™ program.

This program executes a pre-defined series of email communications for a specified number of weeks or months. The goal is to maintain contact with visitors, remind them of the value on your site and encourage them to return.

The Relationship Builder program is a great example of how our Lead Automation Architecture reduces work for you, builds relationships with more potential clients and allows you to focus on personal relationships with real business potential.

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