Create Inquiries and Sales Leads!

The purpose of My Buying Buddy™ is to provide a continuum of service to your prospective buyers - a valuable tool that supports them throughout the entire buying process and keeps them returning to your site.

My Buying Buddy, is the engine behind the scenes, monitoring and automating the interactions with visitors as they utilize functions on your web site. It has several unique components that that enable it to automate this process for you

My Buying Buddy

At the center is My Buying Buddy, a personal interactive SERVICE area for every buyer with all the information and resources they may need to find and buy a home. My Buying Buddy was launched in February 2003 and includes the following capabilities for the Buyer:

  • password protection, personal information area
  • keep a record of property searches the Buyer performs
  • keep notes against these saved searches
  • set up a saved search alert which checks for new listings at a regular frequency and duration set up by the Buyer, who then receives email alerts - all automatically!
  • save details of properties they identify, and keep notes against those properties.
  • Price Tracker™ automatically checks each saved property, every day for changes in status and price and then emails the Buyer a notification of any changes... all automatically!

Plus many more options and capabilities, all helping the buyer through the process of finding, choosing and buying a home.

Advanced IDX and Property Functions

A custom designed IDX solution presents properties that are all within your web site rather than just framed or accessed through an external link.

Against every property, we position you as the point of contact and we present multiple advanced functions that provide additional value to Buyers and further opportunities for them to engage with you and become sales leads. These functions include:

  • The ability to save the listing with My Buying Buddy
  • Request more information
  • Map it!
  • Request a showing
  • ...and many more

The way we engage visitors and turn them into inquiries is by strategically placing many of these components throughout your Web site, so that in multiple places, visitors are encouraged to create dialogues and share their personal information and buying profiles with you.

We believe that all relationships on the internet are built through the exchange of value in the form of information. We do not subscribe to the 'locked door' tactic that requires registration before gaining access to 'valuable' information.

Our Lead Automation Architecture allows us to create web-marketing solutions that provide support for, and help automate the activities within the Internet Marketing Process (IMP).

The result? Highly effective, low maintenance and automated Real Estate web-marketing solutions, interacting with and automating support for Buyers looking for homes.

Find out how to keep people coming back!