Keep Visitors on your Site!

A great lead generating Web site is like a sophisticated mouse trap. To attract the mice your want, you need to use the best cheese for the job!

Our Real Estate Web sites are full of pieces of cheese designed to attract your target customers and keep them on your site.

Here's how we do it...

We don't supply old fashioned template advertising sites! It has been estimated that over 80% of all the real estate web sites created are not delivering a return on investment for their owners. Why? Because they have not been created to support the Internet Marketing Process (IMP). They are created as traditional advertising Web sites which only encourage visitors to come in, look around and then leave. There is no longer value in these sites in the eyes of buyers.

So, we start by helping to craft your own Internet marketing strategy, based on your business goals. We can create an effective and affordable web marketing strategy that aims to bring you a return on investment in a short a time as possible.

We identify your target buyers

Each type of buyer or seller has different needs. You can't possibly appeal to everyone. Whether its seniors, families or downtown professionals, your Web site must be focused to meet their needs.

We take time to understand what makes you unique

How do you sell? What are the special aspects of you, your service and experiences that help you convince buyers to use you?

These are important considerations for us when creating a tailor-made Web site for you.

We tailor-make your solution

The content of your site will be designed to attract and retain the attention of your target audiences. To do this, your site needs to be crafted to have maximum staying power and appeal:

  • Personal services for every buyer with My Buying Buddy
  • Exciting selection of relevant and informative content
  • Valuable information relating to their specific needs (not generic)
  • Buyer's Tools and functions that provide a helpful set of interactive resources to support them throughout the entire process of searching for and buying a home:
    • Advanced IDX present all available properties
    • Advanced Property Functions encourages dialogue and adds further value to the buyer for every listing
    • My Buying Buddy™ provides a password protected interactive support area for Buyers to have personalized assistance

Whatever your budget, we can take your requirements and create an effective solution. You can be sure, that what ever level you start at, you will have invested in a solution that can grow with you.

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